Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews (2019 Picks) (2023)

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Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews (2019 Picks) (1)

Are you pregnant and constantly get tired? Do you know there are special pregnancy pillows, like a U shaped pregnancy pillow, that can be your best friend?

Look no further as we have made things easy for you by reviewing the best ones available in the market.

Being pregnant, especially for the very first time, is like an honor; a long anticipated dream finally turning into a reality.

It is the happiest phase of most of the women’s lives. It is a period which strengthens the bond between both partners abundantly.

Pregnancy contributes to the beautiful feeling of making a family, gives a definite sense of belonging, provides an idea of having a home and delivers a reason to love your life even more.

Having a comfortable sleep during pregnancy is a blessing indeed. But not every pillow can get you that.

You need a special u shaped pillow in order to get a comfortable sleep during pregnancy.

Here is the list of 5 best U shaped maternity pillowsof 2019 available in the market.

Our Reviews For The Best U Shaped Maternity Pillows

#1 Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews (2019 Picks) (2)Amazon

This is the bestU shaped pregnancy pillowas per our findings.

The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow is big enough to support you entire body, thisU shaped pillow for pregnancyensures to give relief to your body.

This pillow is utterly recommended in case of extreme back pain, aching joints and tired stressed people.

The Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow helps in avoiding unnecessary movement and turning while sleeping.

This pillow was designed by Jean Kelly, who herself suffered from intense joint and back pain due to a disease.

She unquestionably felt and anticipated what a person must need to get relief from back pain.


  • Good for pregnant women with hip and back pain
  • Adjusts according to your sleeping position
  • Easy cleaning


  • Not suitable if you are taller than 5’10
  • A bit expensive as compared to other options
  • Hassle-free removable cover which can be easily washed in machine
  • Cotton being the material used for manufacturing this U shaped pregnancy pillow product, makes it to be extremely soft, durable and comfortable
  • Equally helpful for pregnant women and any other individual suffering from back pain, a unisex product
  • Considerably useful for other activities too like reading, watching your favorite television shows and relaxing
  • Its specially designed synthetic polymer, fusion fiber keeps it fluffy and soft
    It does not get flattened
  • The pillow has a dimension of 60 x 7 x 35 inches and is of 9.7 pounds in weight which makes it to be relatively heavy but this is because it is designed to provide relief to your entire body

#2 Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow

Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews (2019 Picks) (3)Amazon

Available in 3 eye-catching colors, this is best pillow to support your body during pregnancy.

The Queen Rose pillow offers an excellent support to many parts of your body including neck, back, belly, knees, sides, and feet and gives you a relief from various types of pain during pregnancy.

You won’t be tossing and turning anymore once you start using this pillow. It can be used for nursing as well once you have delivered your baby.

Even if you are not using it for nursing or pregnancy, you can use it in conditions like gastric reflux, congestion and carpal tunnel syndrome.


  • Long-lasting and durable polyester filling
  • Good for drug-free pain relief
  • Machine Washable cotton cover


  • Not suitable for people who sleep hot. It doesn’t get hot but it’s not a cooling pillow either
  • Limited colors choice; Not good if you are not a big fan of bright colors

Key Features

  • 100% pure cotton cover and polyester filling
  • Ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable sleep during pregnancy
  • Multi-purpose pillow that can be used for watching TV, reading books and nursing

#3 Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews (2019 Picks) (4)Amazon

It becomes quite difficult gradually to get a sound sleep with the progression of your pregnancy.

Many women opt to get a pregnancy pillow which are extremely beneficial in providing provision to the aching body.

Body pillows provide support and comfort to the whole body.

The Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow is manufactured keeping the same purpose in mind so that pregnant women can have ease in their lying and resting positions.


  • Supports back and belly
  • Can be used in lounge for watching TV or reading books


  • A bit bigger and heavy
  • Too stuffed around the neck area, so some people might experience neck pain

Key Features

  • Since it has a gusseted neck area, it provides plenty of support to the neck
  • It is provided with inner curve which helps in reducing back pain
  • Offers strong support to the back and belly which is immensely beneficial to sleep comfortably
  • The pillow has a dimension of 24 x 16 x 15 inches and is of 9.6 pounds in weight.
  • The u shaped maternity pillow case has a cover which makes it handy to take off and wash conveniently
  • Made of extra soft material

#4 PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews (2019 Picks) (5)Amazon

This U shaped pillow for pregnancy promises you a comfortable sleep which seems impossible otherwise.

The PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow comes with incredible features which are useful and attractive for both pregnant women and nursing mothers.

It is considerably useful for mothers who breastfeed their little ones offering comfortable resting position for both mother and baby.

This pillow is more like a huge cushion which provides support to the whole body.


  • Good for hip and back pain during pregnancy
  • Hypoallergenic machine-washable pillow cover
  • Polyester filling adjusts to your body position


  • Takes lot of space on bed
  • Doesn’t breathe very well, so not good for you if you experience hot flashes
  • Not good if you are 5’5 or taller

Key Features

  • The PharMeDoc pillow is manufactured using absolutely chemical free materials
  • It is made of cotton, which makes it a very soft pillow
  • Due to its bigger size, it is sustainable and useful for overgrowing pregnant women catering their increased weight bodies and helping their entire body to relax
  • This product claims to have contoured support system which means that it gives sustenance tracing the contour of the whole body, from neck to knees, head to toe, all parts are supported by this pillow
  • The pillow has a dimension of 25 x 6 x 16 inches and is of 8 pounds in weight
  • It comes with a removable cover facilitated with zipper, easily washable in machine

#5 Best Choice Products Pregnancy Pillow

Best U Shaped Pregnancy Pillow Reviews (2019 Picks) (6)Amazon

This pillow is not restricted for the pregnant women only but is supportive for everyone.

The Best Choice Products Pregnancy Pillow is a u shaped pillow which supports your whole body and particularly offers comfort to your back and belly in a low price.

This pillow allows you to sleep comfortably during your maternity and gives you relief from hip and back pain.

Its cover is 100% cotton and is machine washable as well.


  • U Shaped structure offers firm support to back and belly
  • Good for aching joints
  • Beneficial for patients recovering from any surgeries


  • Not suitable if you are taller than 5’3 and want to put it between your legs
  • Inner lining is not of good quality

Key Features

  • This pillow is made of synthetic polyester fabric
  • It has a cover made of cotton fabric and is easily washable
  • Considerably fluffy and soft
  • The pillow has a dimension of 62.5 x 26 x 7 inches and is of 7.3 pounds in weight

Ramifications Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is in itself a challenging phase for women, particularly for the first time.

A pregnant woman goes through different experiences every day which all are very much unknown to her.

She has to understand the changes her body is going through both emotionally and physically. It is not easy to cope up with these alterations.

If, for a moment we consider the physical changes only and ignore the emotional ones, pregnancy still is severely challenging, exciting and perplexing.

A pregnant woman suffers innumerable shifts in her body substantially. She battles from nausea, vomiting, hurting ankles and throbbing headaches.

She experiences the elevated heartbeat, sees her body losing all its shape and figure and takes in the overgrown size of her belly.

Throughout these nine months, a pregnant woman deserves all the comfort she can get to help with her swollen body, her chiefly growing belly and her amplified weight.

All the extra care and pampering she may receive or desires are justified.

Why Do You Need A Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are immensely accommodating in providing a relief and stress-free time to pregnant women by reducing the feeling of being tired and exhausted.

Due to the enormous extent of modification a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy, she suffers pain in different parts of her body including strain in neck, back pain and headache which makes it difficult to get a sound sleep.

A relaxed,comfortable sleepfor the tired body of a pregnant woman is essential.

Apart from usual regular sized pillows, there are various pregnancy pillows including U shaped, side pillows, full body pillows which help in making the pregnancy journey of women calm and convenient.

Now that you have some great, economical options to buy that perfect U shaped pregnancy pillow, what is stopping you? Log on to Amazon and buy your favorite one now!


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