How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (2023)

Here I will go through four easy and quick methods to install window blinds without drilling holes.

Sometimes you might not have the proper tools for drilling. Or you don’t want to drill holes in your newly renovated house. Not to worry. There are plenty of drill-free ways to hang window blinds. I plan to give you the best techniques I have learned through my years as a handyman below.

In general, to install window blinds without drilling, you can:

  1. Use magnetic blinds
  2. Use adjustable tension rods
  3. Use command strips/hooks
  4. Use self-adhesive blinds

I will go through more details in the below article.

4 Methods for Installing Window Blinds (Without Drilling)

This section will teach you methods to hang window blinds (without a power drill). I know there are many different internet techniques regarding this matter. But, these are the most practical methods suitable for all DIYers.

Important: Even though these methods target window blinds, you can also use them for door blinds.

Method 1 – Using Magnetic Blinds

You are missing out if you aren’t familiar with magnetic blinds. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite methods. Also, it might be the easiest method out there. But there is a catch. To be able to use these magnetic blinds, your home should have metal doors or windows.

Working Principal of Magnetic Blinds

Magnetic blinds come with a few super strong magnetic brackets. These brackets have magnetic capabilities on both sides. So, you can attach one side to the blind and the other to the window or the door. Some products come with moveable magnetic that allow you to open or close the window blind. Some products come with fixed magnet brackets.

With that in mind, here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how to use magnetic blinds.

Things You’ll Need

  • A magnetic blind
Step 1 – Assemble the Magnetic Brackets
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (1)

First, take out the magnetic bracket and connect the two parts of the bracket. Most often, these brackets come in two parts. You don’t need tools for this. Use your hands. I used a Magna blind with three magnetic brackets for this demonstration.

Step 2 – Attract the Brackets to the Blind
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (2)

Then, attach the magnetic brackets to the window blind. Refer to the user manual to identify where you should attach the magnets.

Step 3 – Attach the Blind to the Window/Door
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (3)

Finally, attach the blind to the window. The magnetic brackets will hold the blind on the window without any issue.

Pros and Cons of Using Magnetic Blinds

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to remove and clean
  • Only works with metal doors and windows.
  • Some blinds might lose their magnetic power after a while.

Method 2 – Using Adjustable Tension Rods

Hanging a window blind with an adjustable tension rod might last a long time. Unlike the other things, you don’t have to replace it regularly. Here is a simple guide on hanging window blinds using a tension rod.

Things You’ll Need

  • Adjustable tension rod
  • Measuring tape
Step 1 – Measure
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (4)

First, measure the inner width of the window. Then adjust the tension rod according to that measurement. While adjusting, lower two or three inches from the tension rod (compared to the inner width of the window).

Step 2 – Place the Rod
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (5)

Then, place the tension rod between the edges of the window, and the rod should be parallel to the ground.

Step 3 – Tighten the Rod Properly
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (6)

Next, expand the rod according to the window’s width and pull the string to lock the rod. Remember, the connection between the rod and the window frame should be tight. Otherwise, the blind will fall out.

Finally, expand the blind.

Pros and Cons of Adjustable Tension Rods

  • You can use these rods for any sized window.
  • Last longer
  • You cannot use the rod for a window frame with a small thickness. The thickness of the window frame should be at least equal to the diameter of the tension rod.

Method 3 – Using Command Strips/ Hooks

How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (7)

Command hooks and strips are the third methods I recommend for hanging window blinds without drilling. This is a great product for hanging window blinds, curtains, wind chimes, and many other things.

Let’s answer a few common questions before getting started.

Is It Possible to Hang a Window Blind with Command Strips?

Yes, it is possible. In truth, this is one of the most effective ways to hang a window blind. These command strips have adhesive on both sides. So, it will be easy to attach it to the wall and then the window blind.

Apart from that, if you ever want to remove the blind from the wall, you’ll be able to get it out without damaging the wall or the window blind. This is a major plus point compared to other adhesive strips in the market.

Quick Tip: If the strip doesn’t come out easily, apply some heat to it. Use a hair dryer for this. The heat will loosen the grip of the adhesive effortlessly.

You can easily attach the Command hooks to the strips if needed. Most often, Command hooks are used for hanging curtains and blinds.

How Many Pounds Can One Command Strip Handle?

The maximum weight a Command Strip can handle will vary according to the size of the strip. For instance, smaller ones can handle up to 4 pounds. And the larger ones can handle around 16 pounds. So, depending on the weight of the window blind, you can choose any one.

How to Use Command Strips/Hooks to Hang Window Blinds?

Things You’ll Need
  • Command strips and hooks
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Clean cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
Step 1 – Clean the Surface
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (8)

First, remember to clean the surface to which you are attaching the command strips. Take the clean cloth and remove any dust from that area. Then, clean the surface using rubbing alcohol.

Step 2 – Mark the Spots

Next, take the measuring tape and measure the distance to where you plan to place the strip. And mark that spot. Then go to the other end of the window and measure the same distance, and remember to mark that spot too.

Step 3 – Attach the Command Strips
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (9)

Peel off the cover of the strip and attach it to the marked spot. Do the same for the second spot.

Step 4 – Peel off the Cover
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (10)

Now, peel off the cover on the other side to expose the adhesive. You should complete this process for both Command strips.

Step 5 – Hang the Window Blind
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (11)

You can hang the window blind directly on the strip. Or, attach the command hook to the strips and hang the blind on the hook.

Quick Tip: While attaching the strips and hooks, hold them for at least 5 seconds.

Method 4 – Using Self-Adhesive Blinds

In the above method, you buy the adhesive strip separately.

But when you use self-adhesive blinds, you don’t need anything else. These types of blinds come with two or more adhesive layers. Usually, these layers will be located at the bottom and top of the window blind. The only thing you should do is measure the window correctly.

Here’s a simple guide on how to use self-adhesive blinds to hang window blinds.

Things You’ll Need

  • Self-Adhesive blind
  • Measuring tape
  • Clean cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
Step 1 – Clean the Window Frame
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (12)

First and foremost, you should clean the window frame. The adhesive will attach to the upper and lower window frames. So, remove any dust from that area. Then, clean the surface with rubbing alcohol.

Quick Tip: Never use any household cleaners for surface cleaning. They will make the surface slippery and loosen the adhesive’s grip.

Step 2 – Remove the Protective Strip
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (13)

There should be a protective strip that protects the adhesive layer. So, remove the strip to expose the adhesive layer.

Step 3 – Attach the Window Blind
How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (14)

Then, attach the self-adhesive blind to the upper window frame. If needed, connect the lower adhesive layer to the bottom window frame.

Quick Tip: Remember to hold the adhesive layer with both hands while attaching the adhesive layer to the window frame.

How to Install Window Blinds Without Drilling (15)

Also, choose high-quality self-adhesive blinds for long-term use. Some low-quality ones might not stick to the surface after some time.

A Few Things You Should Pay Attention To While Installing Window Blinds

Correct Measurement

Taking a correct measurement is a crucial part of installing window blinds. You should always measure the inner measurement of your window. And the measurements should be accurate. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a much larger or smaller window blind during installation.

Clean the Surface

Remember to clean the contact surface properly when you use adhesive strips or self-adhesive blinds. First, use a clean cloth to remove the dust. Then, clean the surface using rubbing alcohol. Otherwise, the adhesive won’t stick to the surface.

Quality Matters

Whether you are buying a tension rod or adhesive strips, the item’s quality should meet certain standards. Using low-quality products only results in a lower lifespan. So, remember to do some research before buying any product.

Why Should You Get the No-Drill Treatment?

People often wonder why they should get the no-drill treatment for hanging window blinds. If you are one of them, here are some reasons.

Lack of Tools

Sometimes, finding a power drill won’t be easy. Or you might not have any experience using a power drill. When that happens, you don’t have any other options. So, stick with the above four techniques.

Landlord Issues

You might face this issue, especially if you live in a rental apartment. Most landlords have strict policies regarding drilling holes in their apartments.

Simply, they won’t allow it.

And some might let you drill holes. But they will ask you to repair the damages before you move out. Or they might deduct the cost of damage from your security deposit. Either way, these are situations that you should avoid. So, using Command strips or self-adhesive blinds is a good idea and can be cheaper.

A Newly Renovated House

Drilling holes in a newly renovated house is a complicated issue, and most people won’t like the idea. So, instead of drilling holes, you can use the above methods to hang window blinds safely and securely. After all, the above methods are excellent for DIYers.

Should I Get a Professional for This Job?

Even though the above step-by-step guides seem simple, some people might have trouble executing them. If that is the case, don’t hesitate to hire a qualified professional to install window blinds. It might cost you extra, but the results will be the best you can get.

A technician can install any kind of window blind, such as Roman blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, and custom blinds. (1, 2)

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(1) Roman blinds –
(2) Venetian blinds –

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How do you hang blinds without drilling holes? ›

The best way to install window shades without drilling is by using tension rods or adhesive mounting strips. Tension rods are simple and easy to use, while adhesive mounting strips provide a more secure installation that can last for years.

Can command strips hold blinds? ›

Command strips have been designed to hold up to 16 pounds of weight, so they will be more than able to hold up your blinds.

How do no drill blinds fit? ›

No drill blinds are made using a special frame that allows them to clip easily into a uPVC window frame. No drills, no fuss, just clip them in place. What's more, by fitting into the window or door frame, they move as a part of it making them perfect for windows and doors alike.

Are there blinds that don't need to be screwed? ›

INTU blinds without screws are available as an aluminium venetian blind, a pleated blind or an energy saving duette blind.

Will Gorilla Glue hold up a blind? ›

Getting straight to the point here, can Gorilla Glue hold up blinds? In practical terms for most blinds no, especially if you want to actually use the blind in terms of opening and closing it occasionally.

What is no hole blinds? ›

A: No holes privacy blinds are designed for added light control as well as privacy. Standard horizontal blinds have lift cords that run through routed holes in each window blind slat. No holes privacy are called "routeless blinds" because there is no routed hole and the lift cord runs along the back of the shades.

How much weight can clear Command strips hold? ›

The large strips can handle a 24-inch to 36-inch object that weighs up to 16 pounds. The smaller hanging strips can only handle up to 4 pounds.

Which Command hook holds the most weight? ›

Command™ Heavyweight Utility Hooks are strong and let you hang heavier items like sports bags, step ladders, backpacks and more. Holds up to 10lbs. Hang heavy items up to 15lbs with damage-free Command Utility Hooks.

What is the most Command strips can hold? ›

Four pairs of wall hanger strips hold up to 16 pounds with a maximum frame size of 24 x 36 inches. Decorate, organize and celebrate damage free with Command.

What are the different ways to hang blinds? ›

Blinds can be installed in two different ways: inside the window jamb (inside-mount blinds) or on the wall above your window (outside-mount blinds).

What are click fit blinds? ›

No screws, no drill and no frame. Easily clip and fit the blind onto your window in minutes. These are a simple and stylish way to cover any uPVC and aluminium windows and doors that have a rubber beading. This includes Bi-fold and conservatory doors and Tilt & Turn windows.

Why do all blinds have to be up for takeoff? ›

It's for your own safety. If anything happens during take-off and landing - the most risky stages of every flight - then your eyes will already be used to the dark or the light outside, and you'll be able to react more quickly. That's also the reason why the lights in the cabin are dimmed for take-off and landing.

What holds blinds in place? ›

Hold down brackets are used to secure the bottom rail of your blinds to the bottom of a door or a window to prevent them from moving around. They are usually only needed for blinds installed on doors and in RVs.

Can you put blinds up with no more nails? ›

As blinds are relatively heavy items – particularly those made of plastic and wood – you should purchase the strongest tape possible. Because Unibond No More Nails On A Roll has immediate grip and can support up to 120kg per roll, it is ideal for putting up blinds without drilling holes.

What is the best grip adhesive? ›

CT1 is a popular choice for those looking for a versatile and reliable grab adhesive. This brand offers a range of adhesives that are suitable for a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, ceramic, and plastic.

How long does Gorilla Glue sit for? ›

Clamp the Two Surfaces Together Tightly

For lighter objects, try using rubber bands to hold the pieces together tightly. Clamp objects for 1–2 hours. For best results, allow 24 hours to cure.

Are there blinds you can see out of but no one can see in? ›

The roller shade can weaken the strong light from the outside into the room into soft light, blocking 99% of ultraviolet rays. ✔ One-Way See-Through & Mirror Effect: During the day ONLY, you can see the outside landscape through the roller blinds, but people cannot see the inside of your home.

What are blinds you can see through but not in? ›

Solar shades are designed to allow you to see out, but other's not see in, providing daytime privacy. The exact opposite is true at night! When a light is on in the room, people outside will be able to see directly into your home. While a solar shade provides privacy during the day, it will provide no privacy at night.

What are the window blinds called that you can see out but nobody can see in? ›

Sheer roller blinds are great for those who want a touch of privacy without obstructing natural light. The blinds allow light in through the translucent fabric. This aids to soften the light, decreasing harsh glare in home offices for instance.

What is better than Command strips? ›

Shop The Best Alternatives To Command Strips

This Fan-Favorite Double-Sided Tape: EZlifego Double-Sided Tape. A Pack Of Innovative Hooks That Only Make A Tiny Hole In Drywall: Monkey Hooks Picture Hangers. An Expert-Approved Putty That Can Be Used Indoors & Out: Tombow Xtreme Removable Indoor/Outdoor Mounting Putty.

Will 2 command hooks hold twice the weight? ›

If the hook you are using has the space for two to be side by side, or if you are putting it directly onto something and can put them side by side, all of the instructions indicate this does double the amount of weight that can be held up.

Can Command Strips hold 40 pounds? ›

Four adhesive strip pairs hold up to 16 pounds with a maximum frame size of 24 x 36 inches. Decorate, organize and celebrate damage free with Command. Trust your heavyweight hanging projects to the 3M CLAW Drywall Picture Hanger proven to hold up to 15, 25 and 45 pounds.

Can command strips hold a TV? ›

Can You Hang a TV with Command Strips? You could hang a TV with Command Strips, but it is not recommended for most TV screens. Command Strips double-sided tape can support weights up to 16 pounds (7.25kg) – therefore, it could be considered for very small screens.

What can I use instead of rubbing alcohol for command strips? ›

Don't have rubbing alcohol on hand but want to get something on the wall in a pinch? Reach for some vodka. I've done this and it works like a charm! I've actually also used nail polish remover for this step, and while it's worked, I wouldn't recommend it, as it can remove paint from the walls.

What surfaces do Command strips not work on? ›

Command strips can only be applied to smooth surfaces. Avoid adhering them to brick walls, textured wallpaper, concrete or timber.

Are Command strips stronger vertical or horizontal? ›

Should Command™ Picture Hanging Strips be used vertically or horizontally? They can be used either direction. However, best to use vertically for optimal performance and removal.

How long do you have to leave Command strips before hanging? ›

Wait 1 hour before hanging anything on the hook. This allows the adhesive bond to reach maximum strength. Check your package for the correct weight limits.

What is the best way to have your blinds? ›

Adjusting your blinds with the slats facing down provides the maximum privacy. When in this position it offers the most coverage and protection from the outside looking in.

How do hold downs work for blinds? ›

The brackets reduce the movement of the blind and indeed hold it in place so that there is no unnecessary motion. Not only does this protect the blind, it also avoids the clacking noise that they can make as the air blows through them.

What are the disadvantages of perfect fit blinds? ›

Disadvantages of the Perfect Fit can include the trapping of dust and fly's in the bottom section of the frame. Due to the four-sided frame and being generally installed in conservatories, they can be prone to collecting the odd stray fly.

What is wand system in blinds? ›

All of our Vertical Blinds come with Wand Control so there are no dangerous cords making them completely Child Safe by Design, you can have the slats draw to either the left, right or split in the middle depending on your individual circumstances, to tilt the slats you just twist the wand.

What is a blind cleat? ›

Cleats - Secure loose cords to the wall out of reach of young children. Anti tangle toggles - Used to prevent the 2 cords that tilt a metal or wood venetian blind from forming a knot. Although the cords may wrap around each other, the design of the toggle will allow them to unravel in the event of entanglement.

What is cordless lift and lock blinds? ›

Lift & Lock™ Blinds Are Cordless

These blinds come with a unique mechanism that allows you to lift the blinds and lock them into place after you have them in the position that you want. No more cords!

Why you should stop closing your blinds during the day? ›

While you may be focused on removing the dust in your home, according to an article published in Science Daily, letting the sunshine into your home through the windows can actually kill bacteria that live in the remaining dust and this can help decrease the risk of respiratory issues.

Do you need to open blinds before pulling them up? ›

The slats should be open when raising or lowering the blind. When opening a window behind your blind, always pull the blind up first – do not push your hands through the slats as this will damage the blind.

Why do people leave their blinds wide open? ›

Some people work at night, sleep during the day, and sleep better in the dark. Some people do not want their upholstery to fade. Some people prefer to watch television in a darkened room. Some people are trying to keep their homes cooler by blocking the sun.

How do you install blinds without drilling? ›

The best way to install window shades without drilling is by using tension rods or adhesive mounting strips. Tension rods are simple and easy to use, while adhesive mounting strips provide a more secure installation that can last for years.

Why won't my blinds stay in place? ›

The blind won't stay up when locked in place. This is usually caused by a failed cord lock or crushed cord. To determine if the problem lies with the lock or the cord, do this: Try to raise your blind up just a few inches and lock it in place. If it locks, the problem lies with the cord.

Is it better to mount blinds inside or outside? ›

While you can mount shutters either inside or outside the window frame, it's best to mount them inside if you have decorative trim surrounding your windows that you want to show off. If you don't, or if you're covering a door that has a very shallow frame, mounting them on the outside of the frame is the way to go.

How to hang curtains over horizontal blinds without drilling? ›

Install Brackets or Adhesive Hooks

Installing the brackets directly onto the headrail eliminates the need for you to drill holes for them in your wall. Most curtain brackets will come with the screws you'll need to install them onto your headrail. If not, you can purchase basic screws at your local hardware store.

How do self adhesive blinds work? ›

Simply hold your blind up to the window, measure the width you need and cut this with a sharp stanley knife or scissors. Then, simply peel off the adhesive cover and press your blind into place. And when it comes to removal, there aren't any holes to fill or paint chips to cover.

What are the two different types of mounts that can be used for blinds? ›

When it comes to installing blinds, shutters or shades you have two mount options to choose from: inside mount and outside mount. This choice will need to be made when we come to measure your windows. The type of mount will change the length and width needed.

Can I use command strips to hang curtain rods? ›

Great for installing curtain rods or hanging wall décor, coats, and bags!

Is there a way to hang a curtain rod without drilling? ›

Equally, it could be your preference to save time when hanging sheers and other very light curtains.
  1. Use a tension rod to hang curtains without drilling. ...
  2. Opt for tap-in curtain rod brackets. ...
  3. Hang curtains with a magnetic curtain rod. ...
  4. Consider self-adhesive hooks. ...
  5. Try Velcro for a lightweight curtain.
Jan 14, 2023

How long do stick on blinds last? ›

Question: How long will a set of temporary paper blinds (the kind you first put up in a new home before you install the permanent window coverings) last? Answer: At least six years.

What is cordless lift for blinds? ›

A Cordless Lift upgrade allows you to raise and lower your blinds or shades with style and ease. This upgrade will enhance the appearance of your room by eliminating the visual distraction of unsightly cords, leaving your windows with clean, unobstructed views.

What do you put on windows when waiting for blinds? ›

Darker coloured sheets or towels, and even blankets can be more desired to block out the light. Make sure they cover most of the window if not the entire window. This technique is common and can be a very cheap and effective solution.

What kind of rod bracket do you need to hang over blinds? ›

While there are other ways to hang curtains without drilling holes in the wall, using Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets is by far the easiest way. With Kwik-Hang curtain rod brackets, you can hang your curtains over blinds in just three steps: Tap a Kwik-Hang curtain rod bracket into your window casing with a hammer.

What is a blind bracket? ›

Brackets are used to hold the blind in place when you install it. Generally, they are the only component (aside from the child safety devices) that is screwed into the wall, recess or ceiling.

Do you need the middle bracket for blinds? ›

All blinds over 48” wide require the use of center support brackets - be sure to mount support bracket(s) in position(s) that will not interfere with the lift mechanisms. Important Note: Always use at least two screws per bracket to ensure a strong, secure mount. All blinds require two mounting brackets (included).


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