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A knife block will take up more space in your kitchen, so you may want to avoid purchasing one. If this is the case, a magnetic knife strip would be a good choice since it can grip the knife securely.According to your needs, you can place them anywhere out of reach of your children. Furthermore, magnetic knife strips are not as expensive as knife blocks.

Are you confused about how to mount a knife strip on tile? No worries. We will learn how to mount a magnetic knife strip on a tile without drilling or breaking the tile in this comprehensive guide. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s get started.

Ways toMount A Magnetic Knife Strip On Tile

We will show you three different ways to mount your magnetic strips on tile securely and safely in this guide. This complete guide will provide detailed information about each way. You can choose the method that is most convenient for you.

Here is a brief answer to your question.

Step 1: Select a suitable place where you want to place your knife strip
Step 2: Prepare the place
Step 3: Read the user manual
Step 4: Mark the wall where you want to hang your magnetic knife strip
Step 5: Apply your collected adhesives to your magnetic strips
Step 6: Set the magnetic strips on the wall

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Collecting a tile friendly magnetic strip

It will be the safest and most secure option for you. The manufacturers have invented several types of magnetic strips that can be easily mounted on tiles today. In order to fix it, you won’t have to drill your tiles.

Furthermore, these strips come with an extra-strength adhesive hook & loop for easy installation on ceramic tiles. No drilling, no extra adhesive, no screw collection is required. Magnetic strips are ready for installation. Mounting your magnetic strips on a tile can definitely be the best solution for you.

Command Strips

Command strips act as mounting strips without damaging the tile. Most commonly, they are used to hang huge pictures on the wall. If you decide to hang them on the tile, it will be a good investment. Command strips are strong enough to hold your knife rack in place.

If you would like to make magnetic strips, you can collect large picture-sized strips and then cut them to suit your needs. These strips can also be used to mount your knife rack on drywall, stained or varnished wood, painted cinder blocks, glass, or even metal.Additionally, these strips are easily removable. Make sure the tab remains intact so that you can easily remove it without damaging it.


Mounting the knife holder by drilling will give you a long-lasting service. If you stay in your own apartment and don’t have to face any trouble drilling your kitchen tiles, then drilling can be a permanent solution for you. Here you don’t have to face trouble for the attachment or adhesiveness.

It is important to drill the knife holder to ensure long-term performance. If you live in your own apartment and are not afraid of drilling your tiles, then drilling your kitchen tiles can be a permanent solution for you. There is no problem with the tile’s attachment or adhesiveness. It might be difficult to drill on the tile. Avoid cracking the tile when drilling. The best method is to use a glass bit. This takes a long time.

It is safe and effective and will give you a clean hole with minimal jitter. Additionally, if you find it difficult to collect the glass bit, you can use the usual drilling machine to complete the task. However, make sure to tape the selected spot and drill through it. In this way, the tile will not crack or be damaged.

How to Mount A Magnetic Knife Strip On Tile

Have you already decided how to mount a magnetic knife strip on tile? Great. The following steps will make your job a bit easier.

Step1: Select a suitable place where you want to place your knife strip

Find a convenient tile area where you can easily grab and keep your knives. Take your time to make the decision.

  • In general, people keep their knives on any convenient wall over their countertops or beside the sink area.
  • Make sure the place is not easily accessible for your children as it can cause any kinds of unexpected accidents.

Step 2: Prepare the place

To get the best results from your magnetic knife strip, you need to do this. When you attach your knife holder with command strips or any other adhesive material, you cannot skip this step. If you do, the knife strips will not adhere properly. By using an aerosol spray, you can eliminate any remaining oil, dust, or stains in the selected area. Alcohol wipes provide a better result. As a final step, you can either drill your tile with a glass bit or place tape before drilling.

How To Mount A Magnetic Knife Strip On Tile? | KitchenCrews (1)

Step 3: Read the user manual

Regardless of the type of purchase, this step is crucial. Each manufacturer has its own requirements. Unfortunately, we can’t give you specific directions for each appliance. We recommend reading the user manual first. Understanding the product will be easier this way.

Your knife holder will definitely be installed in the most convenient manner by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you have a huge chance of making a mistake that could ruin the warranty opportunity.

Step 4: Mark the wall where you want to hang your magnetic knife strip

Mark the area where you want to place the magnetic knife strip with a marker. That way, you can work more precisely.

Step 5: Apply your collected adhesives to your magnetic strips

Now take your magnetic holder in your hand and apply the selected adhesive material on the backside of it.

  • For using command strips first cut it into the size of your knife holder. Pull them apart because they will stick together on the wall then pull the back of them and you are ready to place the knife strip on the tile.
  • If you use the adhesive hook and loop which comes with your knife holder you can use them according to your user manual

Step 6: Set the magnetic strips on the wall

You should place the knife holder on the marking you marked earlier and hold it for one minute. Allow the knife holder to adhere for at least one hour. It should not be hung during this time. If you choose to drill your knives, be sure to screw the screws into specific holes.


How To Choose the perfect adhesive for magnetic strip mounting on the tile?

A variety of adhesive materials can be used on a wall. The adhesive material you choose must be strong enough to support the knife holder’s weight. Otherwise, it will not stick properly. It must also be easily removable without damaging the tiles.

Can I Drill Tiles to Set My Magnetic Strip?

You can do it. If you make a small mistake, your tiles could be damaged, so you need to be more careful. Before drilling, tape the area you intend to drill. By using tape, the pressure on the tile is reduced, reducing the risk of damage. It is also safer to drill tiles with a glass bit.

Final Thoughts

You should now have a clear understanding of how to mount a magnetic knife strip on a tile. We have here provided you with every specific information you may need to mount your own knife strip. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We will do our best to provide a convenient solution.


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