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  • Yvonne Martin

    5 months ago

    It's a lovely space, but I agree that the furniture needs to be placed better. Please supply a floor plan with measurements of each item. Is there a TV in the room that needs to be considered?

    How high is the hearth? In our house the hearth is high enough that it can be used for seating when a large group gathers--would a thick cushion accomplish this for you?

  • Lyn Nielson

    5 months ago

    is the stickley style chair your reading chair?

    what is that corner area near the patio door used for?

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    Help needed on living room: rug, fireplace, cushionsQComments (12)First of all, you aren't clueless :) I would follow your gut and turn the couch to face the fireplace, put the TV on the oak box near the window, the armchair and side table over near the built in dresser, and the red cabinet between the two windows where the armchair was. I like both your pieces of art on the other side of the room. If the red cabinet is between the two windows, you might want to switch the vertical piece with the one that is on the wall above the dining table - just see how it looks. Actually, I think the bird painting could look really good above the fireplace - it will add visual height (as jonathan suggested) and brings some red to that side of the room and it has bits of black and charcoal to tie in the fireplace and the couch...... If you have the TV to the left of the fireplace, I'd move the map (I like it for personal reasons :). Anyway, you really want a mirror up there.... it's a bit tricky because the fireplace is off set. Something this shape would be fab because most other items in there are really angular, but this one is too big and the price is crazy: Otherwise maybe a couple of small mirrors that you can also off set and put in a group, which would also add height: I'd do three or five of different sizes and shapes. I actually like the rug size and colour - it ties in with the blinds and the taupe in two pieces of your art and has good texture. Add a few more cushions to the couch and armchair in a couple of different fabrics. Maybe some of these: ...See MoreNo idea on how to furnish our living room! Help on layout needed :)QComments (10)In some ways it’s good to have such a large TV. Let’s face it you are sitting a very long way from it in your lovely big room! You are wondering how to make the door end of the room look used. I think we are talking trade offs with the design here, in terms of cost and layout. If you can spend a bit of money it might be worth investigating how to design a new fireplace that incorporates the TV. Sounds horrendous I know, but because you have a large tv it might work, though you’d have to be VERY careful about balance in the positioning and get specialist advice on insulating the tv from the heat from the fire. You also need to consider how much time you spend watching tv and if the upwards angle of view might give you a stiff neck from where you place the sofa...BUT... this would enable you to bring Carolina’s room layout back towards the door, making the room look more occupied, you could then also use celery girls idea to put a sort of separate more intimate seating area in the bay window - two statement chairs and a little table, maybe flanked by a pair of enormous table lamps in front of the curtains to fill the corners and highlight the curtains at night....See MoreNew house has long living room, need help with layout and design.QComments (10)Hello! Wow! Thank you very much for your advice. So, there is a radiator on the right hand wall. That is where current owners put their tv. Not sure it will fit, will measure up soon hopefully. The TV could go on a smaller unit to be honest, and will make sure radiator is turned down! Just worried that there isn't enough room for a corner sofa there with the door to the hallway..(see photos on rightmove) I LOVE the idea of large mirrors either side of fireplace. Pinching that! ;) My current living room is decorated in shades of greys and lots of gold. Thinking of going navy and gold but not too sure. Sofa colours argh! Huge thanks I'm very grateful. Katie...See MoreLiving Room Layout and Furniture Ideas NeededQComments (3)Here you go, had to guess some of the dimensions of the apartment, but it's roughly correct, I think. Used the dimensions of your sofa. Used a 150 x 45 cm TV unit. Dining table 90 cm. Hope it helps. You have about 65-70 cm between the back of the sofa and the balcony door. My advise is to get creative with paper and/or tape and put the dimensions of your sofa down on the floor in the apartment. It will give you an idea of how much space it leaves to walk around. It's rather large for the size of the room, but I do like it and if you go for a light colour, it might just work. Try it out with paper or tape before you buy. You'll struggle to get that coffee table in there. I'd go for something smaller that you can easily put aside...See More
  • sebagolizzy

    Original Author

    5 months ago

    Thanks for comments and questions.

    Let's assume we are starting from scratch and not be limited by the furniture that is there. Other than the original Naguchi table I'm not beholden to any piece. The chair in the corner by the deck slider is a reading chair that is big, clunky, not all that comfortable and no used. We would like to relocate the reading spot to the other end of the room (better natural light and separation from other workspaces). No TV. Hearth is 8" high and unlikely to be seating.

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (4)

  • decoenthusiaste

    5 months ago

    Here's a link to lots of living rooms that feature a Noguchi coffee table. Thought you might catch some inspiration for the seating pieces you'll need. Start an ideabook here with your favorites. Consider a chaise lounge and arc lamp for the reading area, and I'd opt for a 3-seat sofa and two armchairs in front of the fireplace. It is easy to get into good looking pieces that are not comfortable when dealing with more modern styles, so be judicious and try before you buy whenever possible.

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  • PRO

    Celery. Visualization, Rendering images

    5 months ago

    last modified: 5 months ago

    I would go with two chairs by the railing , sofa is in front of window and bench is perpendicular to sofa.

    Some kind of

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (7)

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (8)

  • PRO

    Exclusively Stylish Interiors

    5 months ago

    Hello, here are some of my ideas on the layout.

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (10)

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (11)

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (12)

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (13)

  • PRO

    Mae Day Organizing and Interior Design

    5 months ago

    last modified: 5 months ago

    I pulled the blueprint with the measurements. We will build the room to see what can be done. It sounds like there are two using the room daily. Folks have already made some wonderful suggestions. So don't know if we can beat that. Do you want to be able to view both the fireplace and outside from where you will be sitting? Can we have a picture of the wall to the left of the fireplace? TV or no TV? Thanks, MAE

  • PRO

    RL Relocation LLC

    5 months ago

    I think you have been trying to make the FP the center of the room. If you re center the room it will give you more room for seating. My first thought is you need a large rug to anchor the space. Sorry for the terrible phone drawing

    Need ideas - Long living room with wall of windows opposite fireplace | Houzz UK (16)

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